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Skidz has been manifesting for quite some time. After over 25 years in the MTB industry, I saw trends ebb and flow. We watched as NICA (National International Scholastic Association) exploded throughout North America with a huge influx of kids’ specific mountain bike brands. And, then kids just got on bikes more. Fast forward, we entered an incredibly unique moment in time. A pandemic—where we all stayed home. We disconnected and re-established our priorities. Everything closed so we opened our minds and safely got outside. We—and everyone else—went for walks and got on our bikes. With our kids. And during this time of complete uncertainty, I understood the time for Skidz was right now. An exclusive mountain bike apparel line of fashionable, functional, comfortable pieces for before, during, and after their rides in high-end technical fabrics well-fitted for the next generation of young rippers.
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